Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No More Rack

No More Rack is a site I've been a member of for quite awhile. They are definitely legit; I have ordered from them a couple of times and the products are exactly what they say they are. Every day at 12pm EST, No More Rack features 8 new deals plus one "Charity Deal" (where they donate a portion of the the money made on each sale of the item to charity) Each deal ranges in the percentage off, but they usually range between 70-90% off.

They only send me one email a day to let me know the deals of day, and on occasion an email to let me know about some exciting event they are doing. Like now, they are doing "Insanity Deals", where they randomly put some of today's hot ticket items up for sale for 80-95% off! Like an IPAD 2 for $43.20! Here is a pic they have on their site of some of the deals offered.

The one downside to Insanity Deals is that they have very few of each item, 30 or so. And they are put up completely randomly. When they do go up you have to be lightening fast because they are sold out in seconds. I saw two go up last night, for a Kindle and a PS3, but missed out. It's really a matter of luck if you get it or not. Being in the right place at the right time. But it's still very cool and exciting, and I am definitely going to keep on trying for one of these deals! And every month they are supposed to renew their stock of each item, so hopefully if you missed out one month, you'll be able to get it another.

For more info on Insanity Deals, just click on "Insanity Deals" tab at the top of the page at No More Rack.

They also give you the opportunity to get free things by referring friends. Using the number of friends you refer like money, you can get some super cool things. Like an IPAD 2, 46" Samsung TV, a MacBook Air, etc. They do have items that require less friends as well, 20 friends is the number you can start getting thing at. They also offer a daily deal that requires even less friends!

If you would like to sign up, here's what you do:

Go to No More Rack and sign up and then check your email to confirm your email!

To get a $10 off of $20 purchase credit (for first time sign ups):

Go to "My Account"
Click "Redeem Gift Card"
Enter "P1070" or "P1080"

After that you'll get $10 off of your first $20 order! I used it on my first order to get some cute shoes for wayyyy cheap!

If you have any questions let me know!

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