Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Superpoints Network

I joined Superpoints a month ago and have already received 2 $5 gift cards from them! It's a really great, easy way to earn gift cards.

Superpoints is actually a really simple site for earning gift cards. They have a few different ways to earn points. Number one, and my fav, is the Super Lucky Button.

Basically you get a certain number of clicks on the Super Lucky button per day, depending on what membership level you are at. When you first join, before you finish your profile, you get 5 clicks. Once you finish your profile and become a Basic member, you get 30 clicks. Once you refer 2+ friends that become Basic level themselves, you become a Gold member and get 50 clicks. And the final membership status is Platinum, which you achieve when you refer at least 5 friends that have become Basic members themselves. Then you get 100 clicks a day!

The button randomly will award you points. Some days are better than others. You can even win 50 points on one click! Here's a pic of a click I earned points on:

When you win 25 points or 50 points on the Super Lucky button, it gives you a referral link that has a bonus 25 or 50 points on it for your friend to get when they sign up. Pretty cool!

You can also earn points by opening your daily email from them. Every day they send you one email that has a bonus point offer in it. You just click on it and get some points.

Another way is also by doing surveys and completing offers. I'm not really into doing these since I feel like you can get a lot of spam this way. And most survey opportunities aren't worth the time spent on them. So I generally avoid these sections. But hey, if you're bored and want to earn some extra points, it might just be worth it.

The last way you can earn points is by referring people! You click on the tab that says Friends, and then click "Invite" and you can generate Invite Tokens, which are links that expire after a certain amount of time. Send these to your friends and get them to sign up. You get 25 points for each friend you refer that becomes a Basic member, and once you reach Gold level you start earning points when they earn points. Simple and easy. The way I like it!

Once you get enough points you redeem them for gift cards or prizes. They have some good ones too: Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, Wal Mart Gift Cards, even IPADs and MacBook Air!

Your membership level will determine your redemption threshold. If you are a Basic member you have to use at least 2500 points to redeem your points. Gold you have to have 1,000, and Platinum you have to have 500.

Overall I am very happy with Superpoints. It's pretty easy to earn points, and they send me very few emails. Just my daily bonus point one and a survey opportunity one every so often (I've only gotten a couple so far). I would recommend joining for some extra cash.

You can only join this site using referral links. Here are the ones I have available. I will continue to update them as needed.


As always, let me know if you have any other questions about Superpoints!

Note: Links in this post are my referral links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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