Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have been a member of Zulily for quite some time now. They are a daily deal site that offers several deals from toys, to children's clothing, to home decor, to clothing and jewelry for moms! I have done two orders from them: a snowsuit for Calvin and some super cute boots for me. The shipping did take a bit longer than I would like, so that is something to keep in mind when ordering from them. I think they may have to wait until a deal is over before they can ship.

The quality of the items I received is just as great as I expected they would be from the brands I ordered. I was very happy with my purchases, and even happier to get a great deal.

They send me one email a day that highlights the new deals of that day, but you do have the option to opt out of their emails.

You also have the option to refer friends and get a credit when they purchase something! So not only are you helping your friends get good deals, but you get a bonus on top of it. Win win!

One thing I will tell you to do as when going for any deal, do a bit of research before you buy! Sometimes the deals on Zulily are amazing and you can't find it anywhere else. But other times I have been able to find the same price on Amazon or somewhere else. So always research to make sure that you are getting the best price possible.

And shipping is just regularly priced shipping. They will also charge a little bit more for really heavy stuff, but it always says on the deal if they are going to do this.

Plus if you shop through Ebates you will get 3.5% Cash Back on all your purchases at Zulily! Click HERE to see my post on Ebates.

The Real Deal on Zulily is that it is a legitimate daily deal site that you can score some great deals on! Check it out!

Here's the link to go sign up:

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